Can you tell me a little about your Techs?

Founded in 2014 in the heart of Los Angeles, iFixCracks is LA’s only iPhone repair service that offers 7pm-11pm on-demand repair service. Our Network of Techs are background checked and are expertly trained to take the iPhone repair experience to a whole new level, bringing the highest quality repairs to each customer in their local community.

How do I get my repair scheduled?

Click this link to start the process of scheduling one of our Techs to come out to you immediately, later today or another day of your choice. Just click the type of phone you have and specify the device issue that needs fixing. Finally enter the location and time you would like the repair done and we’ll make sure to have one of our Techs arrive at your requested time and location.

I work all day and am never home, can the repair be scheduled at my work?

Absolutely, we are flexible. We can even meet at your cafe or coffee shop, a local office store such as Kinkos, or any place convenient for you! You will personally see how our Tech handles your device professionally, quickly so you have your smartphone back in perfect working condition in no time.

What’s the best thing about doing my repair with iFixCracks?

Avoid the headache and time waste of driving to a repair shop. Expect to spend a good 3-4 hours of travel time, wait time while your device is being fixed and drive time back to your home. Also, depending on what part of town your in, parking may be a hassle. Lastly we strive to make the price a no-brainer decision. We want to get you the best price as a “go to you service” so any repair you choose will be similar or less than the price of driving to a repair store.

What’s the soonest you can get a Tech to my location?

We’ll take a look at the time and day you chose and immediately try to match a Tech with your request. We strive to have all requested repairs done same day or even right away if that is your request.

Once I’ve scheduled a time with your Tech, how do I contact you?

Just give us a call at 866-397-2999 to speak with one of our friendly iFixCracks team members, or you can email us at hello@ifixcracks.com.

How do I know when my Tech will be arriving?

Not to worry, the minute your tech leaves his location a SMS text will be sent right to your phone and email in case your phone is not in working condition.

Do I get any kind of warranty once my device has been fixed?

All iFixCracks customers get a Lifetime Warranty for any part one of our Right Now! Techs installs on your device.

How does payment work? Do I pay upfront?

Pay only after the repair and service is complete. Once your Tech has gone through every function of your phone or tablet to make sure everything is in perfect working condition, then you can pay for the repair with cash or credit card.

I currently work as a technician, can I also become a Tech?

Great we would love to hear from you! We are happy to hear you are active working as a tech. Please send us an email at hello@ifixcracks requesting an application to get started.