Lifetime Warranty

All repairs offered by IFIXCRACKS are covered by comprehensive lifetime warranty for the life cycle of the service of your device. The scope of warranty is Screen and/or LCD and other repaired and/or replaced parts that do not operate as intended. Lifetime warranty applies to the replacement parts and labor cost associated with repair services resulting from the initial repair. The warranty doesn’t protect against certain situations outlined farther below.

Following scenarios are not covered by the warranty:

  • Any damage resulting from misuse of the device
  • Any damage from intentional or accidental drops
  • Any damage caused to the device after the repair
  • Mishandling that caused the frame to twist, bend or crack
  • Water damage or any liquid damage
  • Damage resulting from attempted customer repair
  • Damages unrelated to original repair
  • Damage resulted from jailbreaking the device
  • Any software issues unrelated to the original repair
  • Any Loss of data resulting from the repair
  • Cracked screen
  • If after the original repair, the device is repaired again, however by a party other than IFIXCRACKS, then this voids the warranty
  • Any known manufacturing and/or performance issues of the device that are apart from the repair issue
  • Damaged, severed or non-working home button/bio-metric scanner

Non-Coverage Due to Pre-Repair Conditions
If following pre-repair conditions exist, the warranty does not cover the outcome of the repair:

  • Existence of a damage to the frame
  • Water or any liquid damage
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Tampering with internal hardware
  • Damaged, severed or non-working home button/bio-metric scanner

The warranty covers only a specific device that was repaired by IFIXCRACKS and the original customer, who purchased the repair and whose name is on the original invoice of purchase. The warranty is not transferable across devices, and it is not valid if the device was given to another individual or if it was sold.